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Collective Interview

After reading James Thomson's first piece, I felt I could instantly relate to it. I've always thought that many of the issues he has raised like the "Impostor syndrome" or emotional insecurity must be very common amongst developers and speakers attending conferences. Certainly much more common than most people suspect or dare to admit.
I wasn't particularly surprised about the lack of feedback on this topic either. In the end, even I've waited until the following Úll Conf to share my thoughts with James in person. Before that, I haven't talked or wrote to anyone about it, but where do you even start? "So… how about them fear and insecurity, huh?" - is not much of a casual conversation topic. It's an intimate subject, but the more I thought about it, the more curious I was about what others may feel in these situations. I never knew James ever experienced this before or was willing to share it, so surely there are others out there with some interesting personal stories of their own, who are willing to do the same. I've decided [...]
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