Candy Crushes the Lion King

Joe Caiati

This past November, I attended a showing of The Lion King on Broadway with my wife. The show was spectacular, and I couldn't believe it took me this long to see it, but that isn't why you are reading this. Something happened at the start of the play that not only made me angry, but made me really think about the current state of our culture.
It was a matinee showing that was supposed to begin at 1 p.m. As soon as you enter the theater, you are reminded multiple times by the ushers that no pictures are allowed to be taken inside. Prior to the show's start, everyone seemed to ignore that warning—me included. The play clearly hadn't started, people were still finding their seats, and I was going to take the obligatory Instagram photo of the Play Bill as cliché as that may be. The 1 P.M. start time had come and gone, but I still knew we'd be starting any minute. The iPhone was switched to vibrate, screen locked, and in my pocket. The couple next to me, along with almost everyone else, were also on their devices. As a tech nerd, I'm alway [...]
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