The Essence

Jim Dalrymple

Apple has a way of capturing our hearts and minds like no other company in the world right now. Think about it—how many commercials do you watch, rewind and watch again, or ask someone else to sit and watch it with you? I’m betting there aren’t too many, if any at all, that bring you to that level of emotion.
Apple is able to capture the essence of our lives and touch us. That’s why we get emotional watching the ads—it’s happened to us, or we can put ourselves in that exact situation. It’s not just about a product or a technology, it’s everyday people experiencing life, much the way we experience life. We can relate on a very real level with what we are watching. Apple’s latest TV spot “Misunderstood” is one such ad. It has the power to bring a tear to eye and has for many people, including members of my family. “Misunderstood” is about a misunderstood teenager who is on his iPhone the entire day. He’s not ignoring his family, but he clearly has something on his mind. By the end of the video, we understand that something is his family.
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